Parkytime is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to rent out their unused parking space.

Parking is an enormous $100 billion global industry and parking operators generate $11 billion/year in revenue in North America. We are here to disrupt it. The team started this company in June and are currently designing and building key components of the application.

We are developing a responsive web app which will be used for our iteration purposes while in beta. We aim to become a marketplace for parking. Parkytime will serve as platform for on the street or off the street parking needs. We are able to do this by architecting our application in a way to allow municipalities/storefronts/malls/hotels/garages and private individuals to easily host and manage their parking space(s). Our municipal parking management component will provide a zone based parking with time sessions which will allow users to never over or under pay for metered parking again.

Slav Dujakovic


Along with Matt Catellier, Slav formed Parkytime while working on a group project at BCIT. Slav is involved in both platform and business development of Parkytime. Because of his diverse work experience in finance, transportation and sales, Slav is able to provide the team with different perspectives on problem solving and innovation. Slav is a highly competitive individual who posses a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has been a vital component of Parkytime.


Product Development


Software Development, Business

Matt Catellier


Born and raised in Vancouver, Matt is a particularly hard working individual who has been practicing software development for the past 3 years. He enjoys working in teams, and collaborating to solve problems with new and exciting technology. His past work experience has been primarily with smaller companies where he has worn many hats, but identifies as full-stack developer. When he is not working, he can be found on the beach, and/or playing his guitar.


Project Management


Software Development

Zaichao Pan


Zai is a focused software developer and confident in various object-oriented languages and frameworks. Zai is very eager to learn and implement new technologies. At Parkytime his role is a lead developer with responsibilities in frontend, backend and database administration. Zai strongly believes that hard work can only be achieved through doing not through talking, therefore he avoids unneccessery meetings in order to optimize his time in development.


Backend Development


Software Development

Adam Dymitruk

Adaptech Solutions Advisory

As a passionate technologist, Adam has worked in the field for a few decades in numerous roles. He has inspired organisations to excel in approaches to software in modern workflows, inspired a culture of learning and instilled a modern approach to software architecture. Adam's role at Parkytime is as an advisor and mentor on CQRS, DDD and Event Sourcing architectural design.


Application Architecture


Software Architecture

Application Features

Here are some of our application features

Mobile Friendly

Our application will be mobile friendly for tablet and phone.

Domain Driven Architecture

We are architecting our application to scale. We are accomplishing this with a polygot, event-sourcing, artchitectural design.

Google Map Display and Search

We are extensively using Google map api to display results and manage advanced search and filtering.

Secure Payment

Parkytime handles payment via PayPal and Stripe integration.

Rating System

We have built into our application a rating system that will instill trust into both users and hosts.

Unique Searching

We offer associated search for popular venues around the city and upcoming events.

User Dashboard

Our application will offer our registered users detailed and extensive reporting on their activities through our app.

Lot and Area Zoning

We are working on an additional application component that will integrate session parking for municipal zones and large parking lots.

Planning Phase

Conduct market research to identifying the target market. Building use cases for our platform and conduct many interviews with potential users. Validate the idea and fully understand the problem our application is attempting to solve.

June 2016

Idea Validation

Design and development of wireframes, site map and initial prototype. Conduct user testing to build a list of key features to implement during development phase.

July 2016

Build Phase (current)

Work with senior advisors to select appropriate technologies to implement domain driven software architecture. Build key features with continuous user testing in order to close feedback loop and maximize results.

August 2016

Incubator and Accellerator

Submit applications to local incubators and accelerators. Start pitching poterntial investors with our MVP and detailed business plan.

October 2016

Soft Launch

Launch Parkytime beta to build user base and continue with user testing in order to improve UX/UI components. Approach municipalities and larger organizations to build strategic business relationships.

December 2016

Alpha Launch

Full gear marketing and business development.

February 2017

Contact Us

Feel free to call us at 604-518-4456